Lewis Ginder (1923)

Lewis Ginder

Mr. Lewis Ginder was an Educator, Coach, and Civic Leader in the Lehgighton Area for 44 years.

From 1930 – 1940, Lehighton High School, under Coaches Lewis Ginder and Mildred Fritzinger, won 11 consecutive state gymnastic championships.

He coached football and basketball for 17 years, gymnastics for 41 years, and girls’ basketball for 1 year.

in the 1940’s he started his “Camp Chickawaki” in Franklin Township, a day camp for boys ages 6 – 12. He considered that experience the highlight of his career.

He is only one of three people to be honored by the town of Lehighton with a large community testimonial dinner.

A plaque honoring Ginder, containing the same text as above.