Alumni Wall of Honor

The Lehighton Education and Athletic Foundation is proud to announce the establishment of a Lehighton Area High School Graduates of Distinction Wall of Honor. The program is designed to recognize notable Alumni of the Lehighton Area School District who have brought honor to their Alma Mater. The nominating committee will be searching for graduates who have made admirable contributions to society or who have achieved notable success in their occupations. Graduates of Distinction honorees serve as role models for Lehighton students and as symbols of high caliber of students produced by the District. In addition to paying tribute to our Alumni, our hope is to stimulate pride for our Schools in our students and the community.

The LEAF Wall of Honor, featuring many honorary plaques lining a wall.

The selection committee will be composed of the following (7) voting members:

  1. The current President of LEAF
  2. Two members of the Business Community
  3. Two members of the Professional Community
  4. Two members of the Education Community

The President of LEAF will serve as Chairman of the Selection Committee.

There shall be three to five awards given each year, with the exact number for a given year to be determined at the discretion of the Selection Committee. There shall be no more than two members selected posthumously per year. If 3 are selected posthumously, the 3rd vote getter will be eligible to be reconsidered the following year. The Selection committee will select the nominees from the applications which are received before March 31 of the current year. Nominees selected for membership will be notified by April 30.

The selected honorees to the Graduates of Distinction Wall of Honor will be honored at a reception in June. The date will be determined annually by the Selection Committee. Inductees will have their name placed on a plaque on the Graduates of Distinction Alumni Wall of Honor located in the entrance to the High School. Graduates are eligible after they have been out of school for at least 25 years. Nominees who submitted applications but are not selected for the award during the year of their nomination will be considered for the following (2, total of 3) years without being required to resubmit an application. Nominees who are not selected within (3) years after their original nomination will be required to submit a new application. When the number of applications is 5 or less, a majority vote is necessary for admission. When the number of applications exceeds the number of selections available, the candidates will be selected in the order of the most votes cast. Each member of the selection committee may vote for no more than 5 candidates, and only one vote per candidate by each committee member is permitted.

Nominees shall have met at least one of the following requirements:

  1. Outstanding accomplishments in his or her occupational field
  2. Recognition at the Local, State, or National Levels
  3. Committed service to his or her Community
  4. A positive impact on people
  5. Contribution to Humanity
  6. Other factors determined relevant by the Selection Committee

You may nominate someone for the Lehighton Wall of Honor. Nominations are due March 31.

2022 Graduates of Distinction (coming soon)

Lamont R. “Mike” Ebbert (1951)
Richard A. Eckhart (1953)
Randolph “Randy” Rabenold (1948)
Gordon B. Ripkey (1956)
Dennis F. Roth (1953)

2018 Graduates of Distinction

Lewis Ginder (1923)
Lt. John Hughes (1945)
Col. Harold Buhl, Jr. (1983)
Bill Rehrig (1956)
Steven Serfass (1988)

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2017 Graduates of Distinction

Tina Berger Dowd (1987)
Betty Mullen Brey (1948)
Dr. Harold J Frey (1942)
Captain Robert Hofford (1957)
Dennis Seiwell (1962)

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2016 Graduates of Distinction

Franz Kline (1931)
James Wentz (1948)
Dr. David Dulaney (1955)
Dr. Andrew K. Semmel (1960)
Major General Marvin Jay Barry (1966)
Mrs. Lori Hartman Greeley (1978)

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